CRE Stress Testing experts - passIT

Your bank will benefit by using passIT:

passIT uniquely delivers three key benefits

  1. If your bank is raising capital or selling real estate assets:
  2. 2.If your bank is desirous of creating efficiency in reporting:
  3. If your bank wants to create a management edge and minimize loss exposures with:
    • -Centralized information
    • -Instant access to current CRE portfolio performance data
    • -Knowing the impact of proposed loans and stress tests
    • -More informed decisions at all levels of staff by establishing, communicating, and tracking measurable strategies and goals - Click here to go to Portfolio Reporting & Management

The challenges that real estate lenders are faced with today are many; as experienced lenders we understand; with passIT we exclusively support the management of real estate loan portfolios and their personnel for the community bank with a low cost / high level of personalized service.

The following client testimonials describe passIT in their own words:

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passIT providing CRE Stress Testing